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In this latest WP series paper, Jonathan Tam explores the emerging fractures in the transnational Chinese evangelical movement

Jonathan tam

Drawing on multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork involving observations, interviews, and content analysis, Tam examines the participation of the leaders of the next generation of Chinese-Canadian evangelicals in a ‘negotiated transnational religious organization’ named the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) Movement. His reserach reveals an ethnically based mission different from cross-cultural missions in mainstream evangelicalism. Tam argues how the rallying call grounded on Chinese ethnicity for global evangelism stands on tenuous grounds, punctured by linguistic, geographical, generational, and ideological fractures that diminish future generations’ participation in transnational religious organizations. The fractures, Tam argues will push ‘negotiated transnational religious networks’ into a state of ‘renegotiation.’


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