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Emre Eren Korkmaz

Newton International Fellow, ODID

  • Junior Research Fellow, St Edmund Hall

Eren is a post-doctoral researcher focusing on the public sphere of immigrant workers.

He is a political scientist and his research aims to understand the dynamics of representation and participation of Turkish immigrant workers at trade unions and works councils in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

He discusses the relation among the transnational social space of immigrants with the public sphere that they share with native workers and other immigrant communities. He studies workplace-level daily relations of workers, aiming to shed light on the engagement process of immigrant workers with the local working classes.

He also deals with the labour market involvement of Syrian refugees in Turkey.


Eren completed his PhD in International Relations at Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science. His dissertation was on the representation and participation of Turkish immigrant workers at trade unions and works councils in Germany.

He submitted his MA in Turkish Studies at Sabancı University, Istanbul, which compared three transnational solidarity campaigns of trade unions from Turkey and examined the coalition-building process of local and global trade unions and NGOs against transnational corporations. He discussed the role of framework agreements, corporate social responsibility policies, and code of conducts.

From 2010 to 2014, Eren worked as trade union officer in the textile sector in Turkey and between 2014 and 2015 he worked as research assistant at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, in the Department of International Relations.


March 2015–February 2016: Member of Research Team. 'Perception of and Attitude towards the Syrian Refugees in Turkey'.
Istanbul Kemerburgaz University-University of Kent (UK) joint project.
The Newton Advanced Fellowship Scheme 2014

September 2013–2014 June: Local Researcher. 'Governance by Contract? The Impact of the International Finance Corporation's Social Conditionality on Worker Organization and Social Dialogue.'
Lausanne University, supervised by Dr Conor Cradden

October 2012: Researcher. 'EU Study Visit to Brussels on Research Project for Labour Immigration'.
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

July 2012–April 2013: Local Researcher.
Inditex-IndustriALL Global Union Joint Training Project

October 2010–June 2012: Researcher. 'Living Together in Turkey: A Qualitative Perspective on Elites and Ordinary Citizens.'
TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)
Supervised by Professor Fuat Keyman


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