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Simona Vezzoli

Former Research Officer

Simona has contributed to the adoption and the adaptation of the scenario methodology for the study of the future of migration at IMI. Currently, her research focuses on the determinants of migration within the Determinants of International Migration (DEMIG) project, specifically conducting research on the history and evolution of migration patterns and policies in the Caribbean region. Her research interests include migration policy, in particular sending countries' perspectives on emigration and the interaction between emigration and immigration policies; sending country policies to engage diaspora communities; and return and reintegration of migrants in their communities of origin.


Simona has a BA in socio-cultural anthropology (University of California, Berkeley) and an MA in international policy studies with a specialization in international development (Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA). Her studies have focused on migration and development, and migration policies concerning the regulation of migrant labour. She gained an understanding of applied migration and development projects while working on the Migration for the Development in Africa (MIDA) project at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Rome. While at IOM she also conducted research on unaccompanied Afghan minors seeking asylum in Italy to document their journeys from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran to Italy, their motivations and difficulties encountered, and their expectations and it assessed the minors’ desire to pursue the tracing of their family in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

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