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Academic publications

Tess Hellgren (2012) At the Crossroads of Structure and Agency: Investigating the Importance of 'Legality' for International Migrants, Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, 2 (1): 33-40. 2011/12 Class


Froilan Malit (2014). Domestic Work Legislation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): A Comparative Policy Review, Dubai: International Association International Gulf Organisation, with Safa Ghafoor. 2011/12 class

Working papers

Luke de Noronha (2015) Unpacking the figure of the ‘foreign criminal’: Race, gender and the victim-villain binary, IMI Working Paper 111, Oxford: IMI. 2013/14 class

Ina Ruckstuhl (2015) The making of the Irish Traveller Community: Mobility discourse, settlement policies and the Irish state 1950-2010, IMI Working Paper 109, Oxford: IMI. 2013/14 class

Kerilyn Schewel (2015) Understanding the Aspiration to Stay: A Case Study of Young Adults in Senegal, IMI Working Paper 107, Oxford: IMI. 2013/14 class

Malit, Jr. F. and Naufal, G. (2014). Asymmetric Information under the Kafala Sponsorship System: Impacts on Foreign Domestic Workers’ Income and Employment Status in the GCC Countries. New York: Cornell University. 2011/12 class

Parsons, C., S. Rojon, F. Samanani and L. Wettach (2014) Conceptualising International High-Skilled Migration, IMI Working Paper 104. Oxford: International Migration Institute. 2012/13 class

Roxani Roushas (2014) Understanding the electoral breakthrough of Golden Dawn in Greece: A demand and supply perspective, IMI Working Paper Series No. 83, Oxford: IMI. 2012/13 class

Farhan Samanani (2014) Belonging on the Move The question of clan amongst Somali migrants, IMI Working Paper Series No. 86, Oxford: IMI. 2012/13 class

Cathrine Eide (2013) How to understand the outcomes of migration policy? A study of the return agreement between Norway and Ethiopa, IMI Working Paper Series No. 74, Oxford: IMI. 2012/13 Class

Phoenix Paz (2013) Local Belonging, National Authenticity, and the Foreigner: The encounter between Bangladeshi and Senegalese street hawkers and international holidaymakers in Rome and Naples, Italy, IMI Working Paper Series No. 81, Oxford: IMI. 2012/13 Class

Cresa Pugh (2013) Is Citizenship the Answer? Constructions of belonging and exclusion for the stateless Rohingya of Burma, IMI Working Paper Series No. 76, Oxford: IMI. 2012/13 Class

Sebastien Rojon (2013) Immigration and Extreme-Right Voting in France: a contextual analysis of the 2012 presidential elections, IMI Working Paper Series No. 79, Oxford: IMI. 2012/13 Class

Articles and blogs

Eliza Galos (2014) Instead of Pushing Immigrants Into the Shadows, Labour Should Point Out How Regular Employment Helps Immigrants and British Workers Alike, The Huffington Post, 23 January 2014 with Florian Foos. 2010/11 class

Bhoomika Joshi (2013) Looking beyond the high priced entry ticket, The Hindu, 31 July 2013. 2010/11 class

Froilan Malit (2014) Labor Migration in the UAE: A Multi-Tiered Approach, Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies Forum, 3 May 2014 with Ali Al Youha. 2011/12 class

Froilan Malit (2014) Global Civil Society in Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council: Emerging Dilemmas and Opportunities, Migration Information Source [Feature Story], 9 April 2014 with Ali Al Youha. 2011/12 class

Froilan Malit (2013) Labor Migration in the United Arab Emirates: Challenges and Responses, Migration Information Source [Feature Story], September 2013 with Ali Al Youha. 2011/12 class

Froilan Malit (2013) Untapped Human Capital: Rethinking UAE Nationals in the UAE Labor Market, Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies Forum, 30 May 2013 with Ali Al Youha. 2011/12 class


Tess Hellgren (2013) Challenging the borders of intimacy and legality: migrant agency in response to Danish restrictions on transnational marriage, Examining Migration Dynamics: Networks and Beyond conference, September 2013.

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