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Graduate testimonials

I decided to apply for the MSc in Migration Studies to obtain a theoretical and conceptual understanding of migration. The course attracts students from a variety of academic backgrounds, which makes for very interesting debates. Being an interdisciplinary subject, migration can provide a lens into many other areas of interest, and the course not only gave us the freedom to explore other subjects, but it also equipped us with the necessary skills to do so.

Sebastien Rojon, Graduated 2013

I would recommend the MSc in Migration Studies to anyone seeking to understand what migration actually is. The decision to apply stands out as one of the most important I’ve made and my year in Oxford was tremendously rewarding: the quality of the course was outstanding, and the lecturers’ broad knowledge and enthusiasm spurred my personal interest in further academic research on migration.

Cathrine Eide, Graduated 2013

The MSc in Migration Studies course challenged me to become a more critical thinker and writer by encouraging me to move beyond analysis to really question and resist certain assumptions and biases inherent in literature, policy, methodology, pedagogy, etc. I came away with a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to deconstruct and develop an argument that I believe is relevant regardless of whether you are embarking upon a new career or life as a PhD student.

Cresa Pugh, Graduated 2013

The topic of migration is an infinitely complex one and the MSc in Migration Studies has strived to cover this phenomenon from a variety of theoretical perspectives. I particularly enjoyed critical engagement with key concepts utilized in migration studies, such as illegality, the nation, the state, mobility and development. My experience on the MSc in Migration Studies has been on the whole a very positive one. The course helped me develop both a holistic as well as a nuanced understanding of the many processes embedded in migration.

Suzana Carp, Graduated 2011

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